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Winter Warmth Art Retreat

A 5-day all inclusive art, ritual, and self-care residency held at the majestic and spacious Nine Mountain Retreat Center • Plainfield MA • Wed, February 5 to Sun, February 9

Is your heart craving to focus on that creative project you’ve been longing to bring into being?

What if you gave yourself the time and space to lovingly tend to your creative practice while immersed in a conscious and supportive community?


Calling in artists and creators of all kinds to join us for 5 days of community-supported creative practice, nourishing food, meditation, play and rejuvenating rest.


Let’s dance and sing together! We’ll talk about our feelings!

We can play in the snow! Warm up in the hot tub!

Ooo and aaa at the variety of multimedia art projects we’ll get to create!


A cozy and vibrant immersive experience for anyone seeking restoration, creativity, and community to enliven the cold season. Come with an art project you have been birthing or create something totally new during your stay. 


What to expect

Let us gather during the final moments of winter's silence at the Winter Warmth Art Retreat. Together we will nourish our bodies with delicious home cooked meals, co-create rituals to deepen into our creative hearts, enjoy the hot tub and sauna on site, play in the waters of our creativity, and practice self-care to soothe our spirits.


We invite you to bring a project you would like to work on — such as a painting, a collection of poems, a blanket you have been weaving, your instruments to work on your upcoming album, a script, a ritual, a workshop, or whatever else your brilliant mind would like to focus on during the week.

The Winter Warmth Art Retreat will be fully catered with 2 full meals per day, DIY breakfasts and snacks available round the clock.

There will be between 10 - 15 creatives present.


Memories From Winter Warmth 2023

We would like to take this moment to acknowledge and thank Christen Poole who was a participant at Winter Warmth Retreat 2023. Her focus for our time together was photography and it's because of her that we have so many gorgeous portraits of retreat. Click here to view more of Christen's work on Instagram.

The Winter Warmth Art Retreat is a space held by Eon of Nine Mountain & Chantelle of Soluna Medicines. Expect both spiritual depth and childlike play to be invoked. Come as you are, we welcome all forms of yourself to warm up and create with us. 

You can learn more about Chantelle & Eon on our "About Us" page. 


Nine Mountain Retreat Center

Nine Mountain is nestled into 45 acres of beautiful woodland located in the scenic Berkshire hills. We specialize in hosting transformational retreats and conscious events of all kinds. Our facilities include 3 dorms, 3 single rooms, a full commercial kitchen and a spacious downstairs sitting area that can also be used as a movement space, as well as plenty of cozy spots throughout the house to lounge, chat or curl up with a hot drink and a book. 


When you visit us, you’ll get to enjoy delicious homemade meals courtesy of our resident chef, also have access to our brand new hot tub - great for soaking beneath the stars on a chilly night!


Schedule Outline

Please note that this is a proposed daily schedule subject to shift depending on group needs and allowing space for spontaneity. Morning and afternoon workshops will be facilitated by Chantelle and Eon, and there will be time in the evening for community lead workshops and offerings if desired.


Arrival : 2pm - 3pm on Wednesday. Opening circle at 3:30pm.

Departure : 4pm - 5pm on Sunday



What does the price include? 

  • Your spot at the Winter Warmth Art Retreat amongst 10 - 15 other retreat participants

  • A 30-minute zoom call with Chantelle and Eon upon registration to drop in on needs and desires for retreat

  • Guidance during workshops, rituals, and group art projects

  • Materials needed for any group activities 

  • A spacious schedule for you to practice art creation and self-care as you desire 

  • 2 home cooked meals per day

  • Endless snacks

  • Option between a bed in a dorm room or your own private room

  • 24/7 access to 45+ acres of woods, hot tub, and nine mountains shared living spaces

  • Scheduled access to sauna at earthdance (our sister retreat center that rest on adjacent land)

We have monthly payment plans that start as low as $168 per month. First payment due upon registration.
All payments must be made by February 1st and payment plan options will change as time progresses to reflect payments being complete by February 1.
EARLY BIRD pricing will be available until October 1st! Register now for $125 off of your ticket!

( For bipoc ticket and refund policy information scroll to next section )


BIPOC tickets : We are happy as clams to offer a 50% discounted ticket price to 2 individuals who feel their culture, race, and/or ethnicity is under represented amongst artist and conscious community spaces. Please reach out to Chantelle directly via social media or email sharing

1. your name and ethnicity

2. your personal connection to your lineage

3. please share why you wish to join this retreat

4. please share why you are a good match for a BIPOC ticket.


The tickets are first come, first serve. If there is a spot available and you are a good fit you will be emailed back a coupon code for 50% off any ticket tier of your choosing. It is up to you to register before another person with the code registers.

 Once both spots are full it will say so HERE and the code will no longer work.

Thank you for registering in a timely manner! :)

Please review our refund policy before registration : There are no refunds or ticket transfers whatsoever. If for some reason you can not attend, you may privately sell your retreat ticket and inform of us the individual who will be taking your spot.



“I have been telling my friends that this is the best thing I've ever done. The way the event was structured, the setting, and the people who were present was just such a good fit for me in so many ways. I felt like everyone arrived with an enthusiastic eye for seeing one another and sharing what we admired about one another from the start. I think this might have been emphasized because of the art focus, we were all so excited to see what we were each creating and exploring. I felt like the workshops were so gently inviting to start seeing each other, starting off with aura painting. I thought this workshop was going to be more serious, but it was so playful. It was such my speed to get to connect by quietly doing something in shared space before leaning more into more typical social connecting. I also really felt welcomed to make myself a home at 9 mountain. I felt like the space was available to really settle into and I appreciated the family style meals with collaborative clean up. Having silent mornings felt so sacred and gentle on my sensitive, introverted self. I feel like Eon and Chan facilitated so many beautiful offerings and then we were also all given the space to form an experience as a group of new people, and I love what we co-created.” – Tonya W, Winter Warmth 2024

“This retreat exceeded my expectations. I have met so many positive people that I have in my life forever now. I have a new positive, peaceful and most importantly loving community that I can reach out to. This trip has changed my perspective on life as a whole. I feel like my third eye has opened even wider and now I am working towards unteaching myself what society has taught me to be OKAY or NOT OKAY. Society doesn't teach us about our own power growing up in many ways we are taught that we are already powerless, and we should just conform. What I saw during the retreat was the complete opposite I was reminded that the divine light is within me, and we are the creators of our own universe. We are all divine creatures full of light and love all on our own path. I am eternally grateful for the people who shared this beautiful space with me for those five days. Eon and Chan you guys have changed my life for the better. On a random note, I polar plunged for the first time ever! (and most likely last) It was so much fun and made the sauna that much more comfortable.” 

– Saniece A, Winter Warmth 2024

“I was blessed to attend my first art retreat at Nine Mountain Retreat Center in Western MA at the end of February. I almost didn't go because I've been on a super restrictive diet for medical reasons and I wasn't sure if I'd be able to maintain my eating plan while on a five day retreat.

Not only did the hosts make it comfortable and easy to stay on my eating plan... This retreat was a life changing experience for me. The experience of being surrounded by other creatives and healers, the intentionality of the space, how I felt I was home in a place I had never been before - it's all made me fall in love with life again. Being in community with others whose most natural way of being is to support, share, listen, hold space and be held is a more powerful medicine than any I've ever taken. The deep sense of safety I felt there led me toward opening wide to waves of grief, powerful joy, deep self love and acceptance. Surrounded by the inspiration of others who are pursuing a creative life. Knowing I could be my most authentic self and that would be the most celebrated way for me to exist in the space.

How can I put into words what this sacred container gave me, is continuing to give me? Words are seldom enough after an experience like this, but thank you to everyone whose energy was a part of this - big or small.

Everyone should get to experience this type of community, and often. It is our birth right and our most natural way of being to be in community with each other, exchanging our gifts and supporting one another in our powerful inner journeys. I hope to be a part of more of these spaces, and to create more of these spaces to welcome others into. May it be so.”
- Mora T, Winter Warmth 2024

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